Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Project Life Organization Tips {Ikea's Raskog Cart + SC Boxes}

I wanted to share how I use the Ikea Raskog Cart in my craft space. I wanted to fit the cart under my ikea desk, so I removed the wheels and added foam pads to protect my wood floor, and it glides easily from under my desk when I need to use it.

The top compartment has an Antonius divider and holds my current monthly kit items, which right now include Studio Calico, Gossamer Blue, and Take Ten. I have one spot for alpha and large embellishments, one for 4x6" cards, one for 3x4" cards, one for medium embellishments and one for small embellishments. Eventually, unused items will get stored in my larger storage system when I am done using the monthly kit and just have remnants leftover.

The second compartment holds my Studio Calico monthly kit boxes with additional embellishment storage. I use a small divider system for items where I have a small amount of each embellishment, or I want them separated very neatly by type and material. However items like enamel ephemera bits, labels, and overflow of PL themed cards need larger storage, so I store them in these kit boxes upright. I use washi tape as the box label because its easily removable if I need to change the label later.



Enamel (Notice how even though these are stored upright, everything stays how it should when I lay it down and open it. The plastic bags are melted beads, and they stay just like that when stored!)

The very bottom shelf is random right now. Whatever I need to put there I just put there. Maybe in the future I will designate a specific use for it. :)


  1. You see I knew there would be something to use these boxes for. So glad I held onto them. I found you thru the FB Projectlifers, became a subber too! Thank you for sharing! xo, Marian

  2. Great ideas. Now I know what to do with my SC boxes. Left you a comment last time but I guess it vanished.