Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crafting behind the couch

I am slightly obsessed with organizing. Even if something seems completely organized, I will tear it apart and start over if I am bored. Here are some pictures of how I have turned my small house into a big home. With just 3 bedrooms and 2 kids, here is how I gave myself a craft space and my kids a playroom and art space, and how I put everything in its place and find every place something to put in it!

My Craft Room {A.K.A. "crafting behind the couch"}

The 10 foot wall where the couch could go, has become my craft space, making the livingroom space slighly smaller by pushing the couch towards the TV.

Two IKEA table tops are connected, with IKEA shelving to the ceiling, a desk under the window for my laptop, and a mixture of bins, shelves, cubbies and more offer enough space for me to contain my crafts and my paperwork.

This is how I store my Project Life cards on my desk top for quick and easy scrapping.

I love Thickers alpha! I hung a $1 Target grey basket on my wall and put all my alpha, including my Thickers, in this basket so I can quickly find and use the alpha I need. Each alpha is in a 6"x12" zip baggie (found on eBay).

I keep all the rest of my embellishments, paper, stickers, stamps, etc under my computer desk in these 2 storage things, which I bought from JoAnnes.

I store my wood stamps and stamp pads in 2 drawers. My clear stamps are in a stamp storage binder on my desktop.

I use $1 plastic bins and recycle the mini kit PL boxes (cut off the lids) to separate all the little things I love to use to embellish in the drawers that do not already have dividers. The next photos show how I use the divided drawers.

I like to add fun, inspirational pretty elements to make my space really feel "mine."

I actually LOVE having my craft space in the living area because I can be around my kids all day and craft in between cooking and cleaning and being with the kids. I can jump up mid-scrap and toss food in the oven and go back to scrapping while the food cooks. I can jump up and dance with my toddler for her favorie song in the playroom (our livingroom on the other side of the couch) mid-stamping and come right back. It works out perfect for me.

Here's a quick picture of the rest of the living area. In another post I show how my dining room is also the children's crafty space HERE.

It's a small but cozy home and it works for us!


  1. You pack a lot of storage into your little space! What a fantastic space to get creative in!

  2. What a pretty, usable space! I congratulate you on your organization. I can organize things initially, but maintaining it is another thing entirely!! I love the colors and how playful and creative your space seems. Enjoy it!

  3. OMG... I LOVE the whole layout of your living/dining/kitchen space. Love how you set up your crafting space. Great inspiration!

  4. looks amazing!!! I need you to help me in my house :)

  5. Wow!! you've got a lot going on there. Great solution.

  6. Great what you've done here!

  7. can u come do mine LOL NICEEE!!! make this as ur side job . BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  8. This house is beautiful and so SPOTLESS!!!

  9. loving your shallow drawers for embellishments! well, and everything else! your space is amazing!