Friday, May 9, 2014

2014 Project Life {Weeks 18-19}

I really wanted to share weeks 18-19 because I used a few fun techniques that I thought my readers would like to know about. First, I started and ended my 2 page spread with one saying that flowed between both pages. Second, I used washi tape between the 4 center photos to pull the spread together. And third, I used photoshop to make just the orange headband on Ashlyn's head pop from the black and white photo (which I love because the orange looks really nice with the colors of this layout).

These two weeks were all about April changing into May, the rain bringing us some nice plush greenery to garden in, spending lots of time in the sun when its out (we are in Seattle so we dont get too many nice days this time of year), and having fun.

The highlight of the week for me, however, was the new family vehicle we finally bought after 2 years of budgeting and saving and carefully deciding what we need as a growing family (well, potentially growing someday if I have my way). Tory and I have been sharing ONE car, one small economy stick shift car, between the two of us, for the last 8 years. It worked ok when we had one child, but with two children and ambitions of travel and play dates and adventure, it just wasn't big enough anymore. Our new vehicle is a 2013 Dodge Journey with seating for 7 and truck and storage space galore. I couldn't be happier!

{WEEKS 18-19}

I used a cool stamp set of outline alpha to make the "showers" and "flowers" and thought this saying was perfect for the april/may split these two weeks and perfect for the outdoor fun that began with our first sun break of the season!

Closeup to show the orange label I put on a black and white photo, and stamped with one of my Foodie stamps. It works nicely with the next photo that also has an orange pop of color!

Super easy photoshop trick, and looks so cute!

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