Monday, February 3, 2014

Thirty-One Hang-Up Home Organizer

I love organizing. I organize my drawers, my purse, my house, my closet, and even my paperwork. Something I had yet to organize was the massive amount of information coming and going from Emily's school/activities/friends/LIFE. I needed something that made it easy for ME to remember everything. I am also VERY visual. If I can't see something, I will probably forget about it or put it off until the last minute (or worse). Enter Thirty-One gifts. Never in my life would I thought I would HAPPILY spend hundreds of dollars on BAGS. But I won't get into my obsession with these bags right now. I will just focus on the one item in their fantastic line-up that solved the Emily's never-ending stack of paperwork/how can I remember it ALL dilemma. The solution is the thirty-one hang up home organizer. It is the PERFECT (for me) all-in-one command center for "The Kids." Here is my organizer:

This organizer has 5 main sections. The top left has a strip of fabric that allows you to hang up your calendar of choice. I put our school calender here, and it easily fits the 2 months layout our calendar has. This space is large enough to fit just about any paper flip calendar.

The top right section is a vertical dry-erase see-through pocket that fits 8 1/2" x 11" paper. This is where I created a weekly activity chart for my girls. I could easily edit this and add more children later. This gives me and Emily a good visual for what we are doing each week. I use this space to write in "free time" or "work on personal projects." Sometimes we forget about all the great kits and projects we start, so I use this to remind us both that Emily needs time to work on them. Some projects I designate time to include Little Passports, American Girl crafts, and working in her learning/activity books.

The center section has a couple small pockets you could use for just about anything, and another dry-erase see-through pocket that fits 8 1/2" x 11" paper (horizontal). I used this pocket for the annual school calendar so I have a fast at a glace view of our 1/2 days and no school days.

The bottom left and bottom right sections both have 2 pockets each. You could use these for just about anything you need! Right now I am using the top left pocket for Emily's activities, and the top right pocket for paperwork from Emily's school/classroom. I am not using the bottom pockets; instead I am clipping the monthly lunch menu and the monthly PTA calendar to the front so I can easily see both.

As of now I only have one child in school, but once both girls are in school, I will add tabs n the pockets for each girls activities and classrooms. You could use this for several children by adding multiple tabs in the pockets. The rest of the organizer is great for the district information that would be relevant to multiple children across multiple grades and schools. You can create checklists/chore lists/activity lists to put in the dry-erase see-through pockets that suit your individual needs.

I have this hung in our entry way and use it everyday. The fabric is thick and durable. The fabric cleans easily. It looks so pretty with the rest of the turquoise items in my home. If you want to buy your own Thirty-One Hang-Up Home Organizer visit thirty-one online and find a consultant near you to place an order. I almost forgot to mention, these (like all their products), come in several trendy colors, which change every season. If you see a color you love I recommend you buy it, it may disappear next season!

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