Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 Project Life {WEEK 5 + TECHNIQUES}

My Project Life collection of cards and embellishments is a wide assortment of EVERYTHING. I do not like using the same cards or same embellishments too much within a few weeks or even months. With that said, each week when I sit down and create my weeky page (note I do a whole week in ONE page on average by using collages, you can find that tutorial HERE) I look at what I did in the past couple weeks, look at my stuff, and pick stuff that doesn't look like the stuff I recently did. This week, for example, I ended up choosing brown/tan tones for the page, and like most pages, I added cork and veneer accents. I also like to mix up the techniques, so I tried using a 4x6" photo across 2 3x4" pockets. I am also partial to including ephemera from the week in some small way if possible. I was able to include a ticket from Chuck-E-Cheese and a pink glitery heart from The Creativity Place where the girls made their Valentines. This week I want to show you my "process" so you can get an idea of just how UNPLANNED my pages are. I don't think you have to spend a ton of time or thought to make a pretty page. It takes me about 1.5-2 hours per week to create my weekly pages.

I think about what I want to do digitally first. I edit the photos in Photoshop Elements 9 and make collages in PicMonkey online. This week I wanted to add layers, so I used PicMonkey to make small photos (about 2 x 3.5") which I planned to layer somehow.

I also wanted to try using a 4x6" photo across two 3x4" pockets. I choose this photo.

Another photo effect I use this week is a Polaroid style print to put in one of the 3x4" pockets.

I move them around a bit until it just feels right. As I am doing this, I pull cards out of my stash, picking one that catches my eye or that I wanted to use that week, and then picking other ones that may flow well with that card. If I can't find any 2 cards that I want to use. I will dig again and just pick another card to try to match with. I am shooting for one 4x6 title card and 1-2 3x4" cards for journaling and to add pop to the page.

This is my card organizer. It's a mini cube organizer from Michaels.

As you can see, the cards are all mixed in, only separated by their use (pretty/journaling/phrases/etc) not by their color or kit.

I choose some bright enamel, a cork & and a veneer star. I can always add more or change my mind, but I felt that I hadn't used these much in the last few layouts so I pull them from my collection.

Having a few key tools will make this step easy and fast and have a nice finish.
Glossy Accents is a glue that dries fast and clear, comes out of a tiny tip and is strong. Great for using on embellishments like veneer and cork and ANYTHING else you want to glue down.
Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher stples these tiny staples that are so cute. Makes attaching sequins and other things fast and easy. I like the stapled look, too.
These pens are the BEST. The sharpie pen is the only thing I use to journal on cards. It writes so dark and beautiful but does not bleed! The other pens I found at Hobby Lobby, and they write over photos perfectly. I can see them well, they write smoothly, and they dry instantly.

These pens include a gold, copper, and silver "Metallic Marker" (comes in a 3 pack) by American Crafts; a white "galaxy marker" by American Crafts; and a black "Sharpie Pen" by Sharpie.

{WEEK 5}
This is the finished product after about 2 hours of planning, printing, and doing. Not too shabby!

Hopefully by showing you my process you can be less intimidated to try new layouts and techniques, and to embellish like crazy without worrying if everything "matches" because it doesn't matter if anything matches!! It will look cool and pretty no matter what you do!

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