Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bright & Fun Nursery-to-Toddler Bedroom

Yellow! It could work for a boy or girl, a nursery or a toddler room, it could work with blues or pinks. It makes me feel HAPPY. So I went for it and painted our baby's room yellow and came up with a bright and cheerful nursery-toddler space since our youngest moved into her own room right at 8 months.

This was the original set up for our 8 month old. We had the changing station on her dresser ($100 Ikea), an Ikea crib ($100), a toy chest from a consignment shop ($20), a very cute Octopus stuffed chair ($60 BabyStyle), a bright banner made from cardstock paper which I planned to use for her 1st birthday later that year, a cute valance from Ross ($4), Photo shelves from Ikea ($10-15ea), Tissue paper balls (Party store $6), The hanging net above the crib is also from Ikea, and I added artwork I created and framed them in Ikea plastic frames ($1-5ea).

I used white wood letters from the craft store ($2ea) and covered them in cardstock paper to create a fun pop of color on this wall.

This is a closeup of the banner I made out of cardstock paper. I layered 2 sizes on each flag to make very colorful.

I wrapped some frames in colorful wrapping paper, and I created quick art from tempura paint and framed in cheap Ikea frames. As Ashlyn gets older, these pieces will be replaced by her artwork framed on this shelf.

I have a thing for unique little toys and animals. I found this fun fabric bin from Target ($5).

The next few photos are from this week, a year after Ashyln first moved into her Nursery-Toddler bedroom. We added a fun bookshelf/doll house and now her room is full of toys, puzzles, and books. I also added some fun butterfly wall decals near her crib (a gift from a friend).

Ashlyn LOVES her room, and that's what matters most to me. PS, it usually looks like this (toys everywhere, her 5-10 blankets strewn about in her crib), which makes me feel like her room really IS hers, and not just a decorated space. It feels like a happy toddler space!

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